The Vintage Clothing Holy Grail

This past week I had the pleasure of spending two full days in an appointment-only vintage warehouse near my hometown.  How can someone spend two days in the same spot, you ask? Well when the warehouse spans 4 floors and probably 15,000 square feet, I easily could have spent the entire week there, and wouldn't have seen everything.  While driving there, I envisioned just a sea of stacked boxes, and having to dig through each one.  I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived though, as the space was very well merchandised, with all racks grouped together by clothing-type (ie. row of all tweed blazers, row of all Pendleton shirts, row of jean jackets, etc.).  As many clothes that were on the racks, there was an equal amount still in cardboard boxes, that there was simply no more room for them on the racks.  I spent the first full day going through all the racks, and the second day digging through all the boxes.

I could go on for days talking about a sea of mint naval peacoats, perfectly beat-up leather jackets, or deadstock jeans which was some of the most amazing denim I've ever felt; but i'll leave the pictures to paint that picture.

This easily has to be one of the single largest vintage collections in the entire world, and I cant tell you how inspiring my trip was.  I would love to reveal more information about this gem, but I feel a certain loyalty to keep this place a hidden treasure.  I'd like to thank Ed, who oversees the warehouse, for walking me through the space and allowing me to spend so much time there.  Unfortunately I only have my iPhone pics, but enjoy.

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